Fall and a Family Portrait…

I went and had photographs taken when my youngest was born in the hopes of having a family portrait to share with those we loved, and commemorate the growth of our family from 3 to 4. Alas the images I was given were not something I want to look at again never mind share. I shed my tears and moved on… Almost two years and another continent later we still did not have a single picture of the 4 of us… till now. Thanks to my tripod and remote trigger I’m now stalking the UPS man for the Canvas I’ve chosen to hang in pride-of-place in our living room. Those of you close to me know our little family is plagued by health issues and have developed a “live it now” attitude to life and still I put this off in the hope of losing weight, looking less tired, better weather – tomorrow. If I could say one thing to the moms out there it would be “don’t wait” and “do it NOW”, you never know what tomorrow may bring and it’ll be too late, today will be yesterday and so easily forgotten…

Karin Smith - October 16, 2012 - 10:53 pm

Your words are so true! NEVER EVER put off for tomorrow what you and your little family can enjoy and share TODAY! Life is so very short and we can never know what tomorrow will bring.

More power to you for seizing the day!

admin - February 28, 2013 - 9:00 pm

Aubrey I sent you a message on FB and via Email with all the details.

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