Colorado Springs

Almost two years in the USA now, and Ive traveled 7 states – but I think Ive fallen in love with Colorado… It reminds me of the best parts of home.. Its Hout Bay, Johannesburg and the Drakensburg all wrapped up in one beautiful package. It was a balm to my soul and the solution to my home sickness, I cannot wait to go back.

While we were in the Garden of the Gods I couldn’t resist getting a few pictures of my family. Im working on a truce with my camera remote, anyone who knows me knows how much I prefer being on the “right” side of a camera. I have real empathy for my clients who struggle with it too, but I’ll do it for my girls. I often look back at the curled photos of my childhood and wish there were more of my Mother, and not just annual pictures of me. My next big personal project will be convincing her to step in front of my camera.

I dont have very many images of this handsome man, he is always far too busy holding reflectors and being a general dogs body to let me take his picture… 

and the layout I’m planing for the new house!

New home, new branding and a new perspective.

S o c i a l
R e c e n t   W o r k